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Codice Prodotto: ALT-512

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HF + 6m +4m
12 Ham Bands

2.4 in. Color Display
Improved receiver pre-amplifier
2 transistors in the transmitter PA (was 1)
Output Power up to 10 W. (band-dependant and voltage-dependant)
Waterfall in addition to the Pan-Adapter Bandscope
4 additional front-panel buttons
User friendly front-panel adjustment of often used parameters (formerly embedded within the software menu)
CW Decoder
Contest-Mode for SSB (enables sending canned voice message from the logging software.
TUNE mode, for adjusting external ATU
2-Tone generator for measuring SSB IMD
FULL TS-2000 command set implementation (enables seamless integration to software applications).
Built-in Sound Card;  Digi Modes run using only one USB-2 cable connected to the PC.  No additional hardware or driver required


EURO 640,00    

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